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A Proven History of Successes in Community Services and Advocacy

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Immigration Services

We have assisted over six thousand clients to successfully file family petitions, citizenships, passport applications, amendments, extensions, immigrant petitions, change of status applications, green card petitions, and other US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Forms

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Housing Counseling and Education

We provide counseling and housing assistance to prevent wrongful evictions, homelessness and loss of home ownership. Our tenant counseling and support services assist tenants in the formation of tenants associations, thereby empowering tenants to have a voice and become more active in addressing issues that affect the properties in which they reside.


Senior Services Program

ENF provides walk-in assistance to senior citizens on issues such as, unfair evictions, tenant’s rights, Section 8, Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemptions (SCRIE), and Medicare, etc.

See link to other NYC Senior services and resources



Erasmus Neighborhood Federation, Inc. (ENF), a community based not-for-profit organization funded by New York City and New York State and private foundations, has been serving the East Flatbush community for more than four decades. Since 1979, ENF has provided assistance to the community in the areas of tenant rights, affordable housing, commercial revitalization and economic development, childcare, and employment counseling. As the needs of the community changed, ENF expanded its service to include immigration services, computer training and community organizing.

ENF’s mission is to create an environment that ensures the safety and the welfare of all residents of Central Brooklyn by working to improve the residential and commercial building stock; enhancing economic opportunities and stimulating the social stability of the neighborhood. In achieving this, ENF seeks to promote understanding and cooperation among residents of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the hope of strengthening the neighborhood by developing awareness and commitment among homeowners, landlords, tenants, merchants and other constituents.


To complete our mission, ENF responds to the well-documented needs of the community such as the growing number of residents who need affordable housing. ENF plans to continue responding to these needs through advocacy, counseling and education in areas of tenant organizing and homelessness prevention. In addition, we also respond to these needs by implementing direct intervention and collaborative efforts. Through these efforts, ENF seeks to promote neighborhood stability by encouraging private home owners, tenants, landlords and businesses to maintain their buildings by providing the necessary services and amenities that will allow East Flatbush residents to enjoy the benefits of appropriate residential and commercial shelter.




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For inquiries, questions or appointments, please call: (718) 462-7700 or fill out the following form

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Erasmus Neighborhood Federation

814 Rogers Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11226

Tel: (718) 462-7700

Fax: (718) 462-7709


You may make your tax deductible donation to ENF as follows:

 - via check Payable to "ENF" and mail to 814 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  11226


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